Immediately after ESCAPE 26 two conferences (2nd SEE SDEWES and 29th ECOS) will take in Portorož and Piran.

SEE SDEWES 2016 (15th-18th June 2016)






The main challenge for South East Europe (SEE) economies is to commit to, and sustain the implementation of, long-term reforms aimed at increasing competitiveness and promoting sustainable, inclusive and balanced development, as well as better integration between the EU Member States, candidate and potential candidate countries and neighbouring countries. An adequate response to this challenge will certainly require using the best available scientific knowledge and constant re-evaluation of the development process in light of the scientific findings. Therefore, it will be essential to enhance the scientific understanding, improve the long-term scientific assessments, strengthen the scientific capacities and ensure that the sciences are responsive to the emerging needs.

Along this line, a regional series of biannual Sustainable Development of Energy Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES) conferences have been initiated to provide a venue for the researchers from the SEE region, but also for world-wide researchers and specialists and those interested in learning about the sustainability of development, to present research progress and to discuss the state of the art, the future directions and priorities in the various areas of sustainable development and regional integration.

The 2nd SDEWES SEE Conference will be held in the beautiful Slovenian coastal cities Piran and Portorož, and will continue to successfully cover the following areas (examples in parentheses, but not confined to them), with particular focus on SEE region wherever possible

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ECOS 2016 (19th-23rd June 2016)








Scientists and engineers of ECOS represent an outstanding international community of experts in a domain of energy. At ECOS, the indispensable fields of energy efficiency, cost, optimization, simulation and the environmental impacts are merged into a comprehensive conference programme. All the conference participants have the possibility to disseminate their work, to share and exchange opinions and knowledge. Through the number of different technical talks and social events new potential partnerships and networks can be established.

This year, the twenty different conference topics and a workshop on new emerging technologies will strengthen the position of ECOS as being one of the most recognized communities not only for the optimization of the existing energy systems and processes, but also for the future energy developments toward the sustainable World.

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